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10 ways technology could change the way you travel in 2019

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What new technological advancements are coming to the travel industry in 2019? We’ve rounded up ten of our favourite tech stories from the year to look ahead to some very exciting changes.

No more travel sickness

You’ll be able to read on journeys without feeling sick with Seetroën glasses. Image: Citroën

These unusual glasses may not seem too fashionable but for somebody who regularly suffers from motion sickness they could become the ultimate travel accessory.

Developed by Citroën, the liquid in the rings creates a false horizon line, eliminating the mixed signals between your ears and eyes that create motion sickness. They work for 95% of people within 12 minutes of putting them on.

Book a flight using an Instagram screenshot

You can book a flight using just an Instagram screenshot. Image by Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

If your Instagram feed regularly inspires you to travel, one airline has made it easier than ever to follow through with their new booking function.

EasyJet’s Look&Book is a search function that allows you to upload screenshots taken from Instagram with one tap. The app will then find the best route to take and give you some flight options. Currently up and running for Europe and North Africa, the airline hopes to increase that when it adds Pinterest and Snapchat functionality.

Protect your back while hiking

The HoverGlide has launched on Kickstarter. Image: HoverGlide

While hiking, trekking or even commuting, new technology means this ‘floating’ backpack may make the experience more comfortable.

The HoverGlide come in three sizes and uses suspended load technology with two frames to keep the backpack at a constant relative height to the ground, reduce the impact and allowing people to move faster without exerting more energy.

Rest and rejuvenate at airport pods

Sick of roaming aimlessly through airports? The AirPod could be the solution. Image by AirPod

If you’re on a long layover, you may not need to shell out for lounge access for some privacy and a nap with these futuristic looking pods.

The first, the AirPod is a private capsule with a comfortable chair that turns into a bed, a space for your luggage and to charge your devices, with Wi-Fi and Netflix to enjoy. Yours for US$15 an hour, the company hopes to have the first 100 pods installed in airports in the first quarter of 2019.

A smaller version of the pod is the Somadome, a high-tech meditation booth with colour therapy and binaural beats designed to soothe and relax you. There are settings that help tackle jet lag and enhance your focus so don’t be surprised if you see one at an airport sometime soon.

Never miss a spot when applying your sunscreen

The SnappyScreen can completely cover a user in sunscreen in just ten seconds.The SnappyScreen can completely cover a user in sunscreen in just ten seconds. Image by SnappyScreen

Get full-body protection from the rays of the sun courtesy of this pool-side booth.

SnappyScreen is a touchless application system that mists your entire body while you rotate on a platform. You’ll be completely covered in environmentally-friendly sunscreen and you won’t even need to rub it in. They’re currently popping up in some luxury hotels around the world.

Beat security times at US airports

It can be tough to get the timing right for security queues and often your guesswork is wrong, leaving you with too much or too little time at the airport.

Now a new feature on the app TripIt will give you advance knowledge of how bad the queues are at some US airports. Available to subscribers of the pro edition, it monitors security queues in real-time in four airports currently; Orlando, Denver, Austin and Phoenix.

Go on holiday with virtual reality

First Airlines virtual reality airline in TokyoCustomers sit in a room designed to look like identical to a plane. Image by First Airlines

A virtual reality airline aims to simulate every part of a holiday so you can take a mini-break in just under 2.5 hours.

On your flight with First Airlines, you’ll be taken care of by trained flight attendants who will serve you a special menu to reflect the destination you’ll be virtually flying to; you can choose New York, Paris, Rome and Hawaii. Once you ‘land’, you can avail of 360 degree tours and visit landmarks.

Zip around the city in a passenger drone

The world's first flying passenger droneVolocopter – the world’s first passenger drone. Image by: volocopter.com

The designers of the Volocopter are hoping they’ll go on the market in 2019, which could mark the start of a new age of transport in world cities.

With successful test flights in the bag and already having secured a permit to fly in Germany, the drones are completely powered by electricity and can fly for 30 minutes.It could help alleviate traffic and congestion issues and can be piloted while flying or remotely.

Gain access to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels for just a few hours

If you find yourself in a city in desperate need of a nap, shower or perhaps just a bit of privacy, you may soon have a high-end option.

Recharge allows luxury hotels or private apartments to offer out their space for a few hours at a time. Currently operating in New York and San Francisco, so far it’s been used by freelancers, business people and frequent travellers for a little luxurious personal time.

Don’t wash your underwear for weeks

The new underwear does not have to be washed for weeks. Image by Organic Basics

It’s not meant to be gross, it’s meant to be efficient for your packing. Honestly.

Organic Basics promises their range of SilverTech clothing is not only environmentally sustainable, it has “NASA-inspired” technology to keep clothing free from odours and bacteria, meaning you won’t have to wash your underwear for weeks, saving on water and carry-on space.

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