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Corporate travel on the go: introducing Sam, your pocket travel assistant

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New technology is putting the power of corporate travel management in your pocket

The world is rapidly evolving and the travel industry is no different. The power of technology is changing the nature of corporate travel and how enterprises automate processes such as booking approvals, reporting and expense tracking.

Any large organisation that wants to remain competitive should check whether its travel management company is keeping up with these developments and offering the right blend of human expertise and technology.

Meet Sam

Sam is a highly interactive, travel-savvy and anticipatory “Smart Assistant for Mobile” that uses a conversational interface to answer questions, make recommendations and perform actions.

Sam helps business travellers before, during and after their trips with itinerary management, air and hotel bookings, flight updates, local city and country information, local weather and restaurant suggestions, security notifications, ground transport, driving directions, immigration advice and vaccination requirements.

It gets even better: the more a traveller uses Sam, the more intelligent the chatbot becomes, enabling it to personalise the information it delivers to the user.

“The pace of evolution in mobile and smartphone technology is relentless. Tech-savvy business travellers are already feeling the urge to use other consumer apps for booking flights and hotels, instead of their travel management company,” said Euan McNeil, general manager of FCM Travel Solutions South Africa.

Sam aggregates in one place all the information a traveller needs. It is fully integrated with FCM’s booking and expense management systems so that all bookings made by FCM Travel Solutions consultants automatically appear in the traveller’s itinerary.

The conversational interface and the relevance of Sam’s messages or questions give travellers their own “personal assistant” on the move.

How does Sam work? Watch this short video to get the full picture:

Business travel is about people, and FCM Travel Solutions’ approach is all about blending the latest technology with personal service. Users of Sam can contact their consultant at any time for live assistance on the go.

For more information, click here or book a live demo by contacting FCM Travel Solutions on 0877 40 5151.

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