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Hopper – Pocket-friendly travel

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Hopper is an app that helps you get pennywise about your travel plans.

Hopper, the travel app that revolutionised flight searches, is rolling out an all new feature. Hopper has made discovering reasonably priced flights a lot simpler. Its new feature ‘Flex Watch’ will send users recommendations about flight deals in a highly personalised manner. While other travel charting companies solely allow users to regulate their arrival or departure dates by a couple of days, Hopper takes things a notch higher.

The latest function allows users to specify a month or a couple of months together. In addition to this, users can enter different components like length of journey. The best part is that users do not have to specify which city they wish to fly to. They can set a Flex Watch for ‘anywhere’, the idea being that the user is available to travel, but are open to being inspired when a destination has a better deal.

They can enter a city as  destination, users can also set a Flex Watch for states, countries, geographic regions, or continents. However, users need to bear in mind that when they are on a lookout for cheap deals, there might be other reasons why the prices are slashed. For instance, the destination might not be that popular or maybe it is not a great time to visit the place. It is suggested that Flex Watch works better when the user has a vague idea of when or where they would like to travel to.

Once the user has configured his/her preference, he/she can swipe up to a destination and see more details – current deals, cheapest month, etc. Users can also swipe left or right to learn about other cheap destinations and also the destination that Hopper predicts might have its price slashed. Moreover, users do not have to rush in. If they have a travel plan in mind for the future, they can wait it out until Hopper find the perfect discount and pings the user.  The company says that users may not be able to see the feature right away since the backend is being scaled up. However Flex Watch is rolling out on iOS and will be avilable on Android soon.

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