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Multimodal pay-as-you go service launched

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Easy2Go will be piloted in France this year and be scaled up in other European cities in 2019

European digital innovation organisation, EIT Digital, is introducing a multimodal pay-as-you-go mobility service for public transport. Easy2Go is designed to provide seamless travel in cities with users only having to check-in once by simply pressing a button when their journey begins.

It uses a traffic mode detection module which enables a person to travel as many times as they want with trips charged at the best price directly on their account at the end of the day. EIT Digital said that it provides an “Oyster card-like ticketing system” without additional infrastructure, making it easy to scale and cost-efficient.

By integrating APIs and further data sources, Easy2Go provides a fully software-based ticketing technology that works as a check-in/be-out solution for public transport and car-pooling. It aims to provide mobility-as-a-service in a pay-as-you-go manner and doesn’t force the user to plan their journey in advance.

The target users of Easy2Go are commuters who wish to save time and want to have a personalised mobility experience, using one mobility app with real-time information and payment. Moreover, Easy2Go offers car-pooling as a new means of transport to complete the public transport network for the first and last mile of the trip.

Easy2Go offers personalised trip recommendations according to user habits, traffic conditions or any unusual events. It also collects data that enables cities to improve infrastructures and services.

EIT Digital is working to deploy the service as a pilot city in France this year by integrating the service in the multimodal application Boogi. In 2019, it plans to scale up to other cities in several European countries.

Easy2Go is one of EIT’s latest innovation Digital Cities Action Line activities and its partners in the project include: Italian digital transformation specialist, Engineering; the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence; pay-as-you go ticketing company, Motion-Tag; mobility-as-a-service company, OpenMove; and mobility platform provider InstantSystem as business champion.

“We have brought together energies and talent from different top-level partners to build a simple and practical service that will make life easier for public transport users in all cities,” said Yann Hervouet, Innovation Activity Leader.

Easy2Go is one of nine Innovation Activities for 2018 from EIT. The projects aim to drive digital transformation in cities through centralised, participative and collaborative interactions between government, city service providers, industry, and citizens


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