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What are the Benefits of Mobility as a Solution for Commuters?

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Which Technologies will Transform the Future of Transportation?

The transport industry has a big opportunity to take advantage of emerging technologies to positively impact traveller’s experience. In the future, biometrics could enable people to use their face as their ticket to travel. The transition is already underway in airports. Heathrow Airport has piloted facial recognition-based border control technology that can quickly identify passengers at boarding gates, while Sydney Airport is beginning a facial recognition pilot scheme to better streamline the identification process whilst boarding.

We are developing similar facial recognition technology as well as biometric systems such as palm-vein scanning and object tracking within the transport sector.

With public transport usage expected to boom, our future gating systems will complement the existing infrastructure at train stations by using these technologies to improve passenger through-put, thus reducing station overcrowding and creating a more pleasant travelling experience.

Although early experiments with blockchain technology have been in the banking industry, we are seeing its application grow in the airline industry. Singapore airlines for example are planning to roll out the technology for its frequent flyer programme whereby points can be used with other retailers.

The same principal can be applied in public transport. Cubic is working on a blockchain clearance system for transit systems. Commuters could use their Oyster travel card from London as a token to travel in New York, and vice versa. This would create a truly universal way of travelling whilst ensuring secure and correct fare calculations.

Then there is Mobility as a Service (MaaS). The adoption of MaaS will revolutionise transportation and could transform the commuter experience.

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