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What is “Smart Mobility”?

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Smart Mobility is a new way of moving your business. It brings together the convenience of low cost, hassle free and adaptive travel that learns as you move. Smart Mobility is a blanket term for a whole range of helpful and customisable features of Mobilleo as a product. Some of the features of Smart Mobility include:

  • Low Cost Mobility
  • Customisable Application Limits
  • Convergence of all forms of business travel into one single mobility solution
  • Customisable Itinerary
  • Find, Book & Pay System
  • Expense Management

Smart Mobility heavily incorporates Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and borrows several ideas from the concept. Smart Mobility learns as you travel so that it can reduce the time spent finding, booking and paying for a journey. Got a regular business destination? Mobilleo knows. Want to get home as quick as possible? Mobilleo knows. The application will assess your regular routes and give you suggestions as you book.

It will also tell you the total cost of mobility at the end of each booking itinerary so you can adjust within the application to better suit your needs. You can also track your spending with powerful expense management functionality and set restrictions with your employees using the app to ensure they adhere to travel policies.

Low Cost Mobility

Smart Mobility means that Mobilleo will be able to search thousands of results and find you the lowest cost and most comfortable journey there is on the market. By comparing on 1,000+ different travel suppliers, a Smart Mobility engine is able to provide an instant quotation and comparison to alternative transportation, accommodation and dining providers.

Customisable Application Limits

In Mobilleo’s Smart Mobility Engine, you can customise application limits so that your employees cannot spend over a certain amount on their travel. You can ensure that internal travel policy is adhered to but still provide your employee with the flexibility of choosing their preferred method of travel.

Convergence of all forms of business travel into one single mobility solution

Mobilleo brings together all forms of business travel into one technology solution. There are endless possibilities to get to your destination with several different route suggestions. Mobilleo goes further than aggregating transport suppliers. Our Smart Mobility engine recognises that a business journey isn’t just a train ticket, it’s the hotel, the food, the cup of tea, the parking charge and everything that incurs a cost on a journey. Smart Mobility is about identifying, collating and analysing all of these aspects of travel so that we can provide a cohesive result for the entire journey.

Customisable Itinerary

Before you book your journey you can view a customisable itinerary. From here you can change or add different options onto your travel – so you won’t have to go back to your initial booking.

Find, Book & Pay System

The Find, Book & Pay system in Mobilleo is a quick and easy system to get you and your employees on your travels. Simply find your methods of travel, book them through the customisable itinerary and then pay in one simple 3 step solution.

Expense Management

Mobilleo will index all of your expenses and present you with useful and understandable data that you can use and reference to. This data can then be analysed to help calculate the total cost of mobility for your business so that you can make more cost-effective decisions regarding business mobility.

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