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Fleet managers urged to help shape driver management services by DVLA

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Fleets managers have been encouraged to support the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency in its development of services to ensure it achieves its goals of being ‘best in class’ for customer service, doing its part to improve vehicle and driver management efficiency.

At the Fleet200 Executive Club’s September meeting DVLA corporate services manager Hugh Evans (pictured) said it wanted to better understand the sectors needs.

It had established a fleets user group, working with the Association of Car Fleet Operators, Freight Transport Association, the Road Hauliers Association and British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association as well as end user fleets to continuously improve its services.

“We are keen to remove the administrative burden from you,” Evans said.

The ‘fleets user group’ has met twice so far.

“Help me evidence the need to change services to promote growth to strengthen my case as I compete with other agency demands.”

An example of a DVLA development assisted by the sector was the fleet management portal. Its ‘view driving licence’ function allows employers to check drivers’ entitlements and penalty points. This is supported by access to driver data service, a bulk check facility, the price of which has reduced from £1.50 to 70 pence per enquiry, with the cost, Evans said, likely to reduce further.

The DVLA’s fleet scheme, for fleets of 50 or more vehicles, gives businesses a ‘whole fleet’ view, allowing identification of which vehicles need to be taxed or “SORNed”. The licensing agency wants to enhance the scheme’s offering, easing the acquisition or disposal of vehicles in bulk.

Another service in development is the digital licence, providing the ability to download the licence to a smart phone (to share with the police or integrate with other business systems).

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