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Zoomcar to focus on shared mobility platform

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Self-drive car rental company Zoomcar plans to tap the growing sharing economy market in India through its shared mobility platform Zoom Associate Program (ZAP). Under this model, people owning cars rent them out to others who do not own a car.

“We  are confident of our growth plans and will grow by at least 10 percent  year-on-year. We are focusing on ZAP, as there is good response from users for  sharing their cars on lease with us,” said Zoomcar’s co-founder and CEO Greg Moran.

Through ZAP, car owners can lease their cars. About 600 users have already registered on ZAP and the company is  planning to add another 7,000-8,000 cars under ZAP model to its fleet.
He added, “We are working with the government and consumers to make them understand the benefits of ZAP, which promotes shared mobility. We are  confident this model will be a hit, as most car owners having more than one car and professionals using their car just 10-20 percent of the time during weekends, will be ready to rent out when they are not using their cars.”

The self-drive car rental company has about 3,000 cars in its fleet at present and has completed 9 lakh trips over the past three years. It is aiming to take the number of cars on its fleet to 25,000 over the next two years.

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