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Want to own an autonomous car? You may have to wait 40 years

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When we look at the current state of autonomous cars, it’s clear that we’re looking at the future in its most basic form. However, the big question is, will most of be around to truly enjoy the experience when these vehicles hit the streets?

Auto deals seem to believe it’s going to take some decades before autonomous cars are worth owning. They seem very confident of the future, but not so sure if they’ll be around to enjoy what it has to offer to the fullest of their ability.

Self-driving cars could take up to 40 years to mature

The technology to have cars move from point A to point B is perfect, and not to mention; these vehicles aren’t yet ready to tackle winter or heavy rain. Furthermore, it’s not yet possible to jump into one of these cars and take a road trip across the United States.

We must also look at the possible cost of owning one of these cars, and the fact that many of today’s drivers enjoy driving, and will likely refuse the option of having their vehicle do the honors. With this mind, self-driving cars could take up to 40 years to achieve mass market success.

“I don’t see that happening for a long time,” David Beylouni, president of Colonial Auto Group, said. “I don’t think in my professional lifetime it will be complete. I could be wrong. I think in the next 30 or 40 years people will start talking about it more seriously.”

Everything may boil down to the next generation and how they view automobiles.

CEO of Ingersoll Auto, Todd Ingersoll, decided to chime in and give his own take on what to expect in the future.

“It will have an impact on the industry, but not in my career,” he said. “Autonomy is going to occur, but it’s a journey … a marathon, not a sprint.”

One step at a time

Ingersoll went on to add that it will take some time before consumers make a significant shift to self-driving cars. He’s not wrong if we look at the state of the automobile industry today. There was a time when we only had to contend with manual-drive cars, but then vehicles with automatic ignition began to rise, and some folks believed it would go on ahead to replace manual ignition.

Clearly, that did not happen; therefore, we expect similar results with driverless cars in the future to come.

Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology is pretty impressive

Many of today’s cars have some form of autonomous technology baked inside, and one of the most prominent technology outside of Tesla is Subaru. The company’s EyeSight technology was introduced back in 2016, and it works really well.

Vehicles with this tech inside can even hit the brake automatically if the sensors manage to pick up large obstructions in front of the car.

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