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Toyota and Intel headline new car data consortium

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Toyota and Intel have joined with a number of technology and telecommunications companies to form the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium to tackle how best to handle the massive amount of data that connected and self-driving cars will generate in the coming years, reports Reuters.

This explosion in connected- and autonomous-car data will strain existing cloud-based networks, so it makes sense that big players in the space are looking for solutions.

  • BI Intelligence forecasts that automakers will ship over 3 million semi- and fully autonomous cars annually in the US alone by 2025. These cars, with their host of sensors and data processing systems, will account for much of the increase in data demands.
  • Another stressor on current data systems will be the growth of connected car shipments, which BI Intelligence expects to rise to 77 million globally by 2025.These vehicles will transmit operational data from cars back to manufacturers and their partners, but many of these cars will also include advanced safety features that use cameras and sensors that automakers will leverage to improve autonomous systems.
  • The influx of advanced vehicles will lead to 10 exabytes of data (or 10 billion gigabytes) moving between vehicles and cloud servers by that point. This volume of data would overwhelm existing data infrastructure.

The new consortium is looking to edge computing solutions to address the anticipated data surge. These solutions move computing power to the source, bypassing cloud servers to process data where it’s created. This reduces network congestion and avoids latency problems (the delay that comes from data and instructions going to and from the cloud). Another potential solution could come from the development of 5G networks, which could offer enough bandwidth to transmit this quantity of data back and forth. This would depend, though, on telecoms rolling out networks around the world to support such systems. Advanced vehicles are going to create challenges for companies in numerous, overlapping sectors, and these consortia are worth monitoring to gauge the direction of the industry.

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