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Johan Herrlin

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A thought leader in the geospatial and transport industries, Johan is currently the CEO of ITO World, a fast growing company delivering real-time transit data feeds and data visualisation software for MAAS businesses.

ITO World’s data ensures seamless journeys across both privately and publicly-run transportation networks. The company gathers, enhances and delivers scheduled and real-time data in a single aggregated feed for entire cities. It recently launched a single normalised, high-quality real-time data feed for bike share schemes globally, which is curated and integrated by the ITO World team. Over 4.3 million vehicle trips per day are covered by ITO World data.

Prior to ITO World, Johan was a company director at Esri, the world’s leading provider of geospatial software, where he transformed a billion dollar product line from traditional software sales to a subscription based model. He has over 20 years of experience delivering enterprise solutions and overseeing product strategy in the geospatial industry. Johan holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and an MA in Environmental Remote Sensing & GIS from Boston University.

He regularly talks and writes on MAAS, as well as other topics affecting the future of transportation.

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