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Maria Kamargianni

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Maria holds a PhD in Travel Behavior Modeling and Decision Sciences. She completed her PhD studies at the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport of the University of the Aegean (Greece). She also holds a Masters in Shipping, Trade and Transport, specialisation path: Intermodal Transport and New Technologies, from the same University.

As a lecturer in Transport & Energy at University College London’s Institute, Maria is a leader for pioneering the FS-MaaS project that looks to bring mobility-as-a-service to London.  The objective of the FS-MaaS project is to propose the design of a MaaS concept for London, the MaaS-London, and examine its feasibility. The MaaS-London is an integrated platform that includes registration and package selection, intermodal journey planning, booking, smart ticketing and payment functions so that the entire chain of transport can be managed in this centralised platform.

Maria also sits as a Board Member on the TravelSpirit Foundation where she helps raise awareness for Mobility-as-a-Service and encouraging a collaborative and open-source approach to MaaS.

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