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Travelers are Secretly Extending Business Trips for Pleasure

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A recent survey found that frequent business travelers are working harder than ever to extend their stays for pleasure purposes.

According to the La Quinta Means Business national survey, 64 percent of business travelers have extended a trip secretly for personal vacation without telling someone, including their coworkers (32 percent), boss (26 percent) and even their own partner (22 percent).

The survey also found that 51 percent of business travelers have extended their time away from home to explore the destination and 56 percent said summer is the best time to extend a work trip for a personal vacation.

On average, business travelers extended a trip for three days, with 42 percent of business travelers extending three to five days. An astounding 29 percent have even skipped a meeting or work event to take a nap or do something restful while on a business trip.

“Summer business trips can be the perfect opportunity to create new travel experiences by squeezing a little leisure time into the schedule,” Wyndham Hotels & Resorts chief marketing officer Lisa Checchio said in a statement.

“By understanding the unique needs of business travelers in the summer – whether that means free, high-speed Wi-Fi to stay connected with kids as they head back to school, a comfy space to recharge between meetings, or the opportunity to earn points they can later redeem on a well-deserved vacation through Wyndham Rewards – La Quinta empowers road warriors to make the most of their summer business trips,” Checchio continued.

The survey also found out some interesting summer tidbits about respondents, including that 65 percent think its worse to be in a hot conference room for an extended period than having to wear a swimsuit in front of colleagues.

Another noteworthy finding was that 53 percent of business travelers would rather look cool than feel cool on a summer trip when given a choice between dressing well or dressing comfortably.

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