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Fleetondemand Announce Drive for Mobility (D4M) Technology Upgrade

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Mobility technology company Fleetondemand have developed major new capabilities to its core rental management and ground transportation technology.

The 18-month development and investment has been designed to broaden the capability of the technology across wider connected automotive asset business models for both business and consumer mobility markets. A mobile-firstmobility experience for users can now be driven via a single automatic programming interface (API) from the D4M platform. In addition, a variety of customer payment options have also been added offering account, credit card and PayPal integrations.

Commenting on the development, CEO – Justin Whitston, said,

“We took a strategic look at our business core technologies and see the future of automotive mobility being centred around a variety of connected automotive business models which are used, not owned or leased long term. This also highlighted the blurring of the lines between business and consumer services which we now start to see many leading leasing companies attempting to move into.

To keep ahead and innovate it was clear a ground transport distribution system to aggregate the on-demand supply chain and to power new automotive business models presents a clear opportunity globally”.

Whitston explained that the plan was to set about building capability to integrate the different providers across flexible leasing, ride hailing, global taxi, chauffeur, car club and pooling of automotive assets into our distribution system.

In order to power solutions such as car subscription services Fleetondemand also had to change their billing engine to drive invoicing from a minute, hour, day or any period even up to 3 years. The final part of the challenge was then to decouple and build a brand new API that can allow the technology company to power any integrated mobility solution whether their own product –  Mobilleo – or any third party application across B2B and B2C. This move has allowed the Yorkshire company to offer direct to companies as well as international leasing companies, OEM’s, rental companies and the wider mobility market.

Fleetondemand was established just over 5 years ago and has since seen significant growth in the fleet industry. In the last 12 months, the team have pushed multiple projects live with several major vehicle hire and leasing companies adopting the technology to power their own integrated mobility solutions. Transactionally the platform processes over 1000 bookings per day at an annual value over £150 million in the UK and UK outbound.

Whitston highlighted that the company has “scaled from start-up to powering solutions for some of the world’s biggest automotive players and now we are looking to rapidly expand into new services direct to market and overseas. Our D4M strategy provides us with the innovation and technology to enable this”.

To mark the launch of the D4M upgrade Fleetondemand have also relaunched their website at www.fleetondemand.com that contains all the information you need on technology, team and contact details.

Justin Whitston

Justin is regarded as a go to innovator across the technology space in the corporate vehicle hire, leasing and mobility sector. Having delivered SAAS products to the sector since 2001 he has devised, led and sold multiple business mobility technologies such as Nexus Vehicle Rental, IRIS, RAC Businessclub.

Justin is a BusinessMaaS influencer, you can see more of him here.

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