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May – Top 10 Most Read Mobility as a Service Articles

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Mobility as a Service

Here is a rundown of the top 10 most read articles on Mobility as a Service during May…

1. Research into MaaS finds more alignment is needed between public & private sector


Building on an emerging body of research, the team identified both common and diverging themes expressed by various stakeholder groups regarding the value of trip types offered by mobility services. The report includes findings that, to date, the Mobility as a Service eco-system has grown through private sector enterprise and technological development while the public sector has tended to react in response to these changes.

2. Mobility-as-a-Service and overcoming the issues to get critical MaaS

The sharing economy, the access economy, the on-demand economy – terms used interchangeably, though not always fully understood. They are used to define the recent socio-economic shift that reinvented how and what we consume. Although each of the terms is nuanced in its precise meaning, they all describe a world in which consumer demand, rather than any other driver, determines the delivery of services.

3.  Uber’s new bid for dominance: Controlling every way you move

Uber has spent most of its life vying to monopolize the ride-sharing space, but competitors like LyftOlaDidiYandexand Grab have persisted. In the past two years, Uber has exited China, Russia, and parts of East and South Asia. As it looks toward an initial public offering in 2019, it appears to have settled on a new strategy: killing the personal car, and owning every part of the urban transportation ecosystem.


4. Exploring Mobility as a Service in emerging markets

The past few months have exposed me to early-stage product development of platform-based technology for transport solutions. This invaluable experience engaging with the early-stage development of platform technology and its application in emerging cities has challenged me in many ways in my understanding of smart cities and the emerging approaches to public transport reform.

5. Mobility as a Service gain traction

Smaller players are trying to retain their market share by either forging partnerships with bigger players or by expanding their business models.  New synergies in the market are fostering converged mobility solutions, creating a new space for mobility integrators and Mobility-as-a-Service providers.

6. Top 10 Mobility as a Service influencers

As Mobility as a Service starts to become more common in the fleet and automotive industry, we at BusinessMaaS have taken a look at people around the world who are shaping what MaaS is and what it means, as MaaS begins to be implemented to the real world, we are constantly adding to our list of influencers, you can check them out here.

7. The nagging questions about Mobility as a Service

Mobility As A Service. Discussed at length in specialist magazines, here on the pages of CityMetric, and increasingly in the popular press, it is transport’s latest buzzphrase. And with promises of a seamless choice of mobility across all modes of transport, in just one place, it is a very tempting offer.

8. Mobility as a Service explained

Imagine that you could sell your car tomorrow and not have to worry about getting to work in the morning. Or the school run. Or any trip you might make on an average day, for that matter. Through the data you input – time, distance, urgency – a Mobility as a Service application builds the most effective and efficient journey for you.

9. Could subscription models change car ownership forever?

Major car-making giants have already started rolling out subscription services for their best-selling models. We live in a very different world to that of our grandparents. Among many things, we’ve seen a shift towards a subscription economy, where you no longer have to purchase something to use it.

10. 11 travel startups with Mobility as a Service technology

Each and every year there is a new way technology is influencing the way that we travel and now with Mobility as a Service on the rise… British Airways recently introduced facial recognition technology at Heathrow so passengers could board quicker. In the last 3 years we’ve seen numerous travel-start ups spring up and change the way we travel.

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