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How safe is business travel right now?

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In case you didn’t know, business travel is booming.

Though an influx of technology allows travelers to still productive when they are away from the office, the perception of safety among business travelers when they are on the road varies greatly depending upon where workers are from according to new research.

Recently conducted by Carlson Wagonlit Travel, the findings show that more than one-third of business travelers from Europe felt concern about safety when traveling in companies to 56 percent of their counterparts in the Asia Pacific. Forty-seven percent of travelers from the Americas were concerned about safety.

While safety is a huge concern, the obvious culprit—terrorism—isn’t what travelers are most worried about.

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“Despite recent terrorist attacks, business travelers say they’re more worried about other things–and that’s surprising,” said Simon Nowroz, Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s chief marketing officer.

“We found that, yes, the world seems scarier at times–but travelers believe they have more tools at their disposal to keep them informed and safe,” Nowroz added.

Terrorism, which is the most visible of concerns, was fifth on the list of things that worried travelers when leaving home. The survey found that “forgetting something needed for work” worried 40 percent of travelers, along with “losing something important” (38 percent).

When it came to safety, the top concern was “being robbed or attacked,” which worried 37 percent of business travelers. Weather conditions also worried 37 percent.

“Today’s travelers are sophisticated,” said Nowroz. “They’re signing up for alerts, they’re paying attention to the news and they use the available tools at their disposal. So while travel may seem risky, they’re taking steps to stay safe.”

The survey also found that business travelers believe that travel today is safer than before. Sixty-seven percent of those who travel for work indicated they believe travel is safer now than in the past. Driving this perception, is the access to tools that mitigate safety concerns.

Seven out of 10 of those surveyed confirmed they use at least one of their employer’s security protocols, which include tracking or emergency contact profiles and more than 68 percent purchase travel insurance.

Interesting enough, while safety is of great concern to travelers and they follow the safety protocols of their companies, many still don’t adhere to corporate travel policies 100 percent.

While travelers may feel safer, one in five has canceled a trip because they didn’t feel safe and 30 percent indicated they felt concern for their health and well being when traveling.

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