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Top 10 Most Read Mobility-as-a-Service Articles – March

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Here is a rundown of the top 10 read articles on Mobility-as-a-Service during March…

1. What is Maas?

As MaaS is becoming more and more widely discussed in the public and private sector… We at BusinessMaaS have broken down what MaaS truly is, what it means and how it can be implemented into people’s day to day lives- or even be implemented into businesses.


2. Top 10 Mobility-as-a-Service Influencers 

Take a look at some of the people who are shaping what MaaS actually means. These top ten influencers come from around the world and have unique specialisms in how MaaS is implemented, in all areas such as Business, Urban Transport and for the environment.

3. Every summary from UK Parliament’s Mobility-as-a-Service Inquiry

The Transport Committee opened up submissions for evidence from experts and companies in the industry in the hope that they could collect as much data, information and opinion as possible to start off a plan as to an approach towards mobility as a service. As there are over 40 different items to download and read through Mobilleo have compiled just the summary from each company (where a summary has been provided by the author) into one easy to read post.

4. Fleet managers cease to exist unless they embrace big data 

ICFM’s Big Data Masterclass analysed the changing landscape and how the unprecedented stream of information with the arrival of the connected car, the Internet of Things and the concept of BMaaS would help managers drive “unbelievable efficiencies” across their businesses…

5. Is 5G the missing link for autonomous vehicles, smart cities, and a brave new world?

We may have hit peak 5G hype before 5G is actually available. But is 5G really a game changer? 5G is sold mostly on the merit of advancing network speed. But is network speed the key for use cases involving edge analytics and intelligence, such as IoT and autonomous vehicles?


6. Could Uber run the London bus network? It’s complicated

Uber and its peers are already being seen as the solution to fixing those public services. Faced with criticism that bus funding has been sliced by a third, transport minister Chris Grayling said last year that on-demand “Uber-style” models could replace traditional bus services.

7. Your next car might be a subscription…

As car companies see people willing to ditch their vehicles, they’re responding by offering more flexible options. Instead of owning one car, what if you got whatever car you want, just when you needed it? Four-figure down payments, cumbersome lease lengths, and skyrocketing insurance costs: it’s enough to send a would-be car shopper running for an Uber or Lyft.

8. What is “Smart Mobility”?

Smart Mobility heavily incorporates Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and borrows several ideas from the concept. Smart Mobility learns as you travel so that it can reduce the time spent finding, booking and paying for a journey, Smart Mobility is a new way of moving your business. It brings together the convenience of low cost, hassle free and adaptive travel that learns as you move.

9. 4 Predictions for the Future of Travel tech in 2018 and Beyond

Here are four top travel technology predictions for the next year and beyond – including, voice search, AI driven platforms, mixed reality travel experiences and blockchain currency.



10. HERE “Mobility Marketplace” Platform – Unique, Disruptive & Will Help Build the “Mobility Graph”

The “mobility” piece of the all new connected world has been developing into a very interesting, lucrative segment for the entire tech industry. In this article there are a few thoughts on how disruptive this announcement is and how it can potentially end the siloed, closed mobility experiences and monopoly practices for demand-side & supply-side.



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