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Are we prepared for the latest advances in urban mobility?

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Would you go to the theater in a taxi without a driver? Would you share your car or would you go to a stranger to go to work every day? The new urban mobility promises to change everything … starting with our way of thinking.

For half a century we have used our car privately. If anything, we have occasionally loaned it to a relative or friend. But the congestion of traffic and the pollution of the big cities seriously threaten the environment and our quality of life. Our transportation culture must change, and you must do it now.

The success of shared services announces the disruptive wave that is already reaching the different urban transport systems. In the coming years, the private vehicle will give way to new forms of mobility -public, private and shared- that we can not even imagine today. The electric car , the automatic driving , the digitalization and the collaborative economy will profoundly change the mobility in the big cities.

An intelligent city is committed to reducing traffic congestion and reducing environmental impact, CO 2emissions and noise pollution. Let’s see some of its most significant advances:

Mobility in the 'Smart Cities'.

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