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How Drones are crucial for Smart Cities?

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Drone and Smart Cities

We are all familiar with the concept of Smart Cities. A smart city is a city that aspires to achieve the objectives of a future city by utilizing communication technology solutions and trends. The main objective of a smart city is to enhance the life of its residents by providing efficient infrastructure and services at a reduced cost.

The concept of a smart city is based on the integration of ICT and its trends. Development of smart cities is going to play a vital role in sustainable development of the word. And UAVs are going to play a major role in it. UAVs are involved in a wide range of applications and functions in smart cities.  Some of these applications are monitoring traffic, key infrastructures and monitoring development work on a regular basis. UAVs can provide several services and opportunities that can benefit smart cities.

UAVs or drones are easy to deploy; they have flexibilities in performing difficult tasks, supporting high-resolution imagery and can easily cover the remote areas.

Consider these examples:

Traffic Management

Let’s admit it. All of us have been victims of waiting for hours in a chaotic traffic situation. It not only kills our time but wastes the resources of a city too. What if there is an eye in the sky that can guide the people on the ground about the cause of jam and help them manage the traffic properly. Now we can count, measure and analyze trajectories thanks to drones. With the deployment of a single UAV during several hours, continuously and get a more comprehensive look at traffic nodes. Smart traffic management is key for a smart city.

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Crowd Management

Efficient safety and security system in a city is a concern not only for a smart city but for any kind of city or communities. Drones are playing a crucial role there. Most of the cities police or private agencies use drones to keep an eye on the crowd during any event. UAVs are helping in smart policing. And with the integration of mobile applications, wireless networks, and forensic mapping software, UAVs are going to help smart cities be a safe city to live too.

Natural Disaster Control and Monitoring:

Using Drones during disaster situations like floods, fires and earthquakes can help authorities take precautionary measures in advance [by constantly monitoring] and by quickly deploying response team in case of disaster. UAVs can analyze the situation properly since in certain situations they can reach in areas that humans cannot reach.

Smart Transportation:

Smart transportation will be another key area of development for a smart city. Cities will have to invest in improving urban transport links to create a sustainable ecosystem. Drones have a huge potential for infrastructure work. It can be used to map sites for a metro project, bus transit or even a bicycle path. With the need to advance smart city programmes quickly, drones offer flexibility, allowing surveyors to map long corridors efficiently at the start of projects and collect in-depth data to aid decision-making at an earlier stage. Not only can they monitor a congestion, but help officials remove it by keeping a constant vigil from the sky.

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