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Top 10 Most Read Mobility-as-a-Service Articles – November

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Here is a rundown of the top 10 read articles on Mobility-as-a-Service during November

1. Top 10 Mobility-as-a-Service Influencers 

Take a look at some of the people who are shaping what MaaS actually means. These top ten influencers come from around the world and have unique specialisms in how MaaS is implemented, in all areas such as Business, Urban Transport and for the environment.



 2. What is Business Mobility-as-a-Service? 

What exactly is Mobility-as-a-Service? and how will this apply to businesses? We explain where Mobility-as-a-Service came from and how it’s transforming the future of transportation for individuals and for businesses.


3. The Future of Mobility: Tech And The City of Tomorrow

YourStory’s article talks about how over 50% of the world’s population live in Urban areas… expecting to rise to around 75% in 2050. Find out in this article what the future is looking like for us and our future cities.



4. Driverless Cars: Autonomous Shuttle Involved In Accident On Its First Day

This article from ItPro talks about how the first Autonomous Shuttle in Las Vegas was involved in an accident on its first day of launch – they also talk about the safety of autonomous vehicles and when they will hit our roads.


5. The Five Autonomous Driving Levels Explained

There are 5 different levels of driving automation that you need to know to understand where we currently stand with this rapidly advancing technology. Here iotforall explains each level of autonomy.



6. Five Travel Trends To Watch In 2018

Technology advancements give travelers more options and information access, whetting their appetites for different experiences. Thejakartapost explains the five travel trends that are to watch as we go into 2018.


7. Travelport And Mobacar Extend Partnership To Drive Car Rental Solution

Incentivetravel announced that Travelport, a leading Travel Commerce Platform, today announced an extended partnership with car rental and ground transportation technology specialist,  Mobacar, to deliver innovation in car distribution.


8. Virgin Hyperloop One Announces Construction Will Begin in 2019

The chief executive of Virgin Hyperloop One, Rob Lloyd, has confirmed that the company expects to start building before 2020, This article from Futurism goes into the construction of the Hyperloop One and what obstacles it could face.


9. Travel Agents or Technology? Travellers Reveal Which One They Trust More

Star2 analyses a new study that looks at American travel habits revealing that while consumers have been quick to embrace some emerging trends, they’ve been wary of accepting others.



10. Passengers Want Technology To Give Them More Control Over Their Travel Experience

Traveldailynews have given the results of IATA’s 2017’s Global Passenger Survey which suggested that passengers expect technology to give them more personal control over their travel experience.

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